24 July - 23 August

Your work will find you in overdrive today. It's quite likely you'll regret all the extra effort you've made later. You can start to cleverly unearth some new ways of earning money during this phase of your life. Delegate those extra little responsibilities to those who aren't quite as busy. This allows you to develop some of your sideline concepts. Rumours ruffle your feathers if you read too much into the gossip that's currently circulating. Rely on trusted friends to feed you the correct, not fake news.


24 August - 23 September

Sooner or later you must come to recognize your own greatness. This has nothing to do with ego or proving you're better than others. It means restoring your lost self-confidence. It's about regaining a healthy self-image. Develop that trust required to move forward with renewed vigour. Although your vitality and personal impact on others is lower than usual, start to draw more attention to yourself. Stop fearing special recognition or rather, rejection. Opportunities require a greater conscious effort on your part.


24 September - 23 October

Because you're uncertain of your current personal relationships you're looking to others for answers. It's important not to compare yourself. This isn't going to help you solve your emotional issues in the long term. If domestically, you must stop being too inquisitive about your family's personal affairs. But if you want peace of mind. Bring your attention back to your own issues. Be a minimalist in your advice and let your actions speak louder than words. When you're freer initiate some intimate moments with the one you love.


24 October - 22 November

You successfully bring plans and projects to completion. Now and this will result in more respect from others as your personal brand achieves new heights. You're making a greater than expected impact. You do, however, need to control your nerves and also reactions to co-workers. Hidden adversaries start to come out of the woodwork. You could lose your temper with those who are actually trying to help you. Patience is your keyword at present. This will assure you of greater success.


23 November - 22 December

Unusual people are part of your life during this cycle. Strangely, your popularity is becoming stronger when you've least expected it. You took your eye off the ball socially for a while. Most of your attention and efforts have been focused on work. You'll be more in demand and increased social activities can be seen. Eliminate whatever is unnecessary and outworn in your life. Remove from clutter and disorder in your environment. That goes for any unhealthy relationship. This also relates to long-held ideologies.


23 December - 20 January

Although your work is set to reach a new plateau, it's important to harness your energies more efficiently. This means not letting your health or that of others become an obstacle to greater achievements. You have the opportunity to express your immense creativity. Align your health, work and ideals now. Listen to your body signals and have that overdue check-up to eliminate any worry. You may be confused about what you want. consider varied aspects of your life before making a solid commitment.


21 January - 19 February

Positive news today amuses and lift your spirits. Something of significance is revealed to you. This could even reshape your thinking and ultimately, your destiny. Your communications with others will be cordial if not humorous. There will still be an element of seriousness to the discussions. Novel circumstances break the tedium of day to day life so be open to new possibilities. Friends' problems will be greatly relieved by your own ability to get to the heart of their situation. You have an intuitive grasp of the situation.


20 February - 20 March

Your personality and relationships are revitalised during the next few days and you'll be very innovative and fruitful, to say the least. Although greater responsibilities are indicated, your happy disposition is likely to meet these challenges with a can-do attitude. You have an opportunity to express your creative self at the moment. This may particularly influence your and domestic activities. This also gives you the chance to share some of your personal discoveries with people you trust


21 March - 20 April

Sudden infatuations are likely to excite but also confuse. Others won't show their hand. Honesty is necessary to keep you on the right track. Are others prepared to reciprocate is the question' A service orientated attitude is necessary to help others. Unfortunately, you may be disappointed to find very little appreciation for the time you take to help them. Playing the good samaritan and sharing your compassion those who are more appreciative is commendable. You must sift the wheat from the chaff.


21 April - 21 May

Extra debts make life difficult for you. If these expenses are aimed at some sort of long-term investment then you shouldn't worry too much. There'll be financial returns in the future. You have to work hard to overcome worries and use your creativity to dig yourself out of a 'money drain'. Discussions with bank managers are more than likely necessary. This will restore some measure of confidence in your finances. Collaborative interactions employers are set to change the complexion of your work.


22 May - 21 June

Constructive interaction with younger individuals is forecast today. You could be called upon to advise them on issues of relationship. Trying to be overly helpful with the wrong people may be an issue, however. Your advice is useful and based upon solid experience, but only for those who have a receptive ear. It helps smooth over problems with others. You won't necessarily be paid for assistance but get satisfaction from working for a good cause. In your relationships spare some extra time for them if you can.


22 June - 23 July

Don't be too clever in communicating your ideas today. You might get yourself twisted in knots trying to explain yourself to those less intelligent. You're trying to impress others with your know-how, only to find yourself bogged down in more questions than answers. Actively listen to what others suggest and quietly agree (even if you don't). You'll be ready for a quieter pace later in the day and into the evening. Several short trips involve reconnecting with someone you haven't had time for lately.

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