Abbott's comments 'an affront to our grandchildren'

YOUR SAY: MANY say planet earth has experienced warming and current high CO2 levels before which is true and the current global warming is a natural event.

However these natural changes took tens of thousands of years to unfold whereas current changes have occurred in a geological 'blink of an eye' in less than 200 years and the majority of credible scientists have no doubt it is related to the burning of fossil fuels.

The Pentagon is chaired by hard-nosed military people, there are no 'greenies' (People who care about the planet) and they have no doubt (since 2004) it is human induced and state publically that the Syrian conflict and the instability in Egypt are direct results of human induced climate change and crop loss.

An insurance assessor with over 40 years of experience agreed there was no doubt after viewing historical claims and that we are now facing the likelihood of some uninsurable coastal areas.

Current environmental changes now occurring in the northern hemisphere are quite frightening yet unreported by mainstream media.

When a past prime minister makes derisory statements about the current global changes it is an affront to our grandchildren.

The Indian government announced in June it will not build coal power stations after 2022 and analysts predict that if renewable energy costs continue to fall at current rates India could phase out fossil fuel-born coal plants completely by 2050.

Supporting Adani, a company of questionable integrity is a huge mistake.