SHADES OF BLUE: Rosy Chapman will teach artists to make beautiful monochromatic work.
SHADES OF BLUE: Rosy Chapman will teach artists to make beautiful monochromatic work. Liana Walker

An art class for all things blue

A FORMER Stanthorpe artist has returned home and, with her, brought along a series of art classes.

Rosy Chapman is hosting art sessions to teach anyone who wants to learn about creating artworks using one colour.

After leaving Stanthorpe 35 years ago, Rosy began watercolour painting in 2001 to balance her corporate life, completing studies in Fine Arts, Artistic Therapies, Sanctuary for Foster Children and Art for Dementia so far.

Ms Chapman has had some recognition for her work and has held solo and joint exhibitions.

She said was ready to be emerged back into the community.

"This arts community wasn't here when I was here,” she said.

"(The classes) are an opportunity to get re-established in the community.

"Eventually I'll be offering private lessons.”

The first session, which was held in March, titled From the Attic, transformed sepia tones into beautiful paintings.

The second session in the series, coming up in July, will be about everything blue, titled From the Mountains to the Sea.

The final session will be held in September and will explore art using black and white with a title yet to be announced.

Ms Chapman said the artistic study aimed to teach participants you just need paper and a tube of paint to create beautiful artwork.

"It's what I would call a tonal study,” she said.

"It's just using a single colour to create a third dimension, and to create depth and volume and shape, just by adding more or less water to watercolour paint.”

Each class costs $50 per person.

This cost covers the three-hour session along with professional art quality supplies required.

The From the Mountains to the Sea class be on Friday, July 6, and will run from 9am until 12.30pm at the Stanthorpe Art Gallery on Lock st.