Man bashes his boss in bar in dispute over unpaid wages

ANGER over alleged unpaid wages from his former boss led roofer Rickie Leigh Sinclair to bash and kick the man at a Calliope Hotel.

Sinclair, 34, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to assault causing bodily harm at the Digger Arms Hotel on December 11 last year.

Prosecutor Sgt Barry Stevens told the court that Sinclair first punched the man multiple times in the head outside the hotel, then assaulted the dazed man inside at the bar.

"He knocked him off the bar stool, punched, kneed and kicked him in the head," Sgt Stevens said.

He bashed his boss in a Calliope pub.
Rickie Leigh Sinclair (right) bashed his boss.

When the man, 36, first stepped from his vehicle outside the hotel, Sgt Stevens said Sinclair confronted him, landing the multiple blows to his victims head and "causing him to fall backwards onto the bitumen".

Sgt Stevens said the man suffered grazes to his elbow, knees and back, and feeling dazed and shaken had gone inside the hotel and sat on a bar stool.

Followed by Sinclair the man was again assaulted.

Ambulance paramedics were called and the injured man transported to Gladstone Hospital.

"He says he smashed him outside the hotel and knocked him off the bar stool and kneed him in the head," Sgt Stevens said about Sinclair's police interview.

Sgt Stevens said court documents reveal that this was Sinclair's 6th conviction for violence.

He was also on probation for serious drug offences.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said Sinclair had bypass surgery this year and is on the waiting list for a heart transplant.

He said Sinclair instructs him that he was one of 14 men employed by the victim as roofers who were not paid.

"If alcohol wasn't a factor he would have dealt with the matter differently," Mr Pepito said.

Magistrate Richard Lehmann said it was a violent assault and jail was within range. He adjourned finalising the sentence until Sinclair could provide medical evidence about his surgery.

Sinclair will be sentenced on June 23.

Leaving court Sinclair who was pushing a pram with a child, threatened the court reporter to "jam a pram up your a**e".