MODELS IN MINIATURE: Shane Donnelly, of Wallangarra, makes tiny models.
MODELS IN MINIATURE: Shane Donnelly, of Wallangarra, makes tiny models. Contributed

Beach kids find Wallangarra man's tiny treasure hunt

TINY models in a quirky treasure hunt on the Sunshine Coast has brought joy to kids and strangers far from the maker's Granite Belt home.

Wallangarra resident Shane Donnelly has for many years made models as a hobby and for clients, including architects, crane hire companies and others wanting a tiny three- dimensional representation of something.

On a recent holiday to the southern Sunshine Coast suburb of Caloundra, Mr Donnelly made a spur-of- the-moment decision to hide 15 of his tiny model houses and see if any of the local kids found them.

The tiny model Australian houses had originally been made for train enthusiasts, but he'd kept the moulds and made some extras a few months ago.

Just before he left his Wallangarra home for a holiday at Caloundra earlier this month, he noticed some lying around.

"They were just sitting there, these models, so I thought, 'what can I do with them?',” he said.

"They'd just been sitting in the shed for a couple of months.”

He had the idea he might make a treasure hunt for the local kids at Caloundra on his holiday, and wrote his name, Facebook and Instagram details on the bottom of the models.

When he arrived in Caloundra he hid them behind signs, on fence posts, in a brick wall at the King's Beach Surf Club, in gardens, and at "random spots”.

"We just went for a walk one evening ...and placed them out,” he said. "It was a really fun thing to do.”

He didn't expect anyone to find them, he said, but Caloundra resident Tayar Coates messaged him saying her young son had found one of the models on the beach then went on to find a few more, and it "made their day”.

"It made my day and it made theirs,” Mr Donnelly said.

Mr Donnelly has several social media accounts where he posts photos of his models, including Shane's Model Crane Hire which has more than 2000 followers, and Momake Models.

"It was a bit unfortunate it was a spur-of-the-moment decision otherwise I would have advertised it a bit more in the weeks leading up to it,” he said.

Three of the 15 models were found by young Harry, but he and his mates had so much fun tracking them down Mr Donnelly said he would "definitely” be doing it again.

"Next time we go I'll let people know it's going to happen and create a little treasure hunt.”