LIFT OFF: Disc golfers try their luck at the Applethorpe course where the 2018 state championship will be held.
LIFT OFF: Disc golfers try their luck at the Applethorpe course where the 2018 state championship will be held.

Bid goes way of local course

DISC GOLF: Applethorpe has snared the 2018 Queensland Disc Golf Championships.

Course owner Nathan Lee received the good news last week that their bid had been successful.

The last few competitions have been held in Strathpine in Brisbane, but Nathan said they'd put together a good case and in 2018 they're heading bush.

"I had a board meeting sort of three months ago and they put in applications at the time to see who wanted to host it. Was myself and the guys from Pine Rivers, who normally have hosted the last couple years,” Mr Lee said.

"They said to me they'd sort of like to see it (the course) in competition one more time so could I run another event in that time period.”

They held their Halloween Havoc competition in late October and suitably impressed the right people.

"There's quite a number of people around the country who have been sort of waiting for this course to hold an A-tier event,” he said.

Disc golf is a burgeoning sport, growing steadily here and rapidly overseas.

For Nathan, his love affair for it began in a quiet backyard in Michigan, America.

"I first played it, I think was nearly ten years ago, just a friend of mine in America showed me it one afternoon in Michigan.

"Came back to Australia and was sort of unemployed for a while and didn't know what to do. Thought to myself 'I wonder if this disc golf thing is over here... maybe I could bring that over'.

"Living on the edge of the Gold Coast at the time and I looked it up and there were two courses in Logan, one in Yeronga and then the one out at Pine Rivers.

"We ordered a couple really bad discs online and got into it that way,” he said.

Three years ago he and his partner were looking for a tree change - on their property wish list was enough room to create a course.

"We sort of wanted to find a nice house obviously. You can't convince your wife with 'lets move into that bad house but it's got a nice mountain in the backyard'.

"Had to be five minutes from town preferably. They say an acre a hole, so we always calculated maybe two acres a hole just to be safe. So it had to be over 36 acres, five minutes from town and we wanted a mountain in the backyard.”

Their eventual property ticked all those boxes and now it's to play host to 50-60 disc golfers next year

He's hoping the roll in next year and into the future could be beneficial for local tourism.

"Disc golf tourism is becoming a bigger thing, especially in Europe and America, so we're really hoping to be apart of that mix,” Nathan said.

The Queensland Championships will be held on July 28 and 29 in 2018.