IHear helped donate a huge amount of water back to the community.
IHear helped donate a huge amount of water back to the community.

Business steps up to help ravaged community

FROM her office in Brisbane, Sheryl Tulloch felt helpless about the bushfires and drought affecting her Stanthorpe colleagues at iHear.

“I saw the bushfires on the news and rang the Stanthorpe office to see if they were all OK and not in immediate danger,” she said.

“The team filled us in and told us about a patient who had held his hearing aid in his hands crying, saying ‘this is all I have left’ because he lost his house in the fires.

“It was just heart-wrenching. People were full of anxiety and living on the edge and I wanted to do something but I know we can’t do much.”

After hearing about the desperate need for water, Ms Tulloch organised a fundraiser among iHear’s 70 staff across the country, which would be matched by their manager.

The group raised almost $3000, which they used to buy 400 cartons of water from the Stanthorpe IGA. The IGA also threw in a palette.

The packs of 24 bottles of 600ml were given out to the community last Wednesday and Thursday from the iHear office on High St.

“We had about 400 people come through and collect water and it was overwhelming to hear what people are dealing with and how many people are in need,” Ms Tulloch said.

“Some people were really emotional because they had nothing left or they have lost their livestock and their dams have dried completely.”

Mascot Johnny Crunch was also on hand to pose with children to add some cheer to their day.

Ms Tulloch said she hoped the water would make some difference to people’s lives.