CANON'S EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras are getting good reviews for good reason.

While the pro-level EOS R5 can shoot 45 megapixel stills at up to 20 frames per second, the EOS R6 is no slouch with 20.1 megapixel photos at up to 20 fps.

The EOS R6 is ideal if you want a camera that will capture beautiful portraits, landscapes but also have the speed to produce action sports shots to wow your soccer mum friends.

As you would expect, it also shoots beautiful 4k video at up to 60p and full HD at 120p.

The mirrorless cameras are nice and compact, easy to use and are designed for those wanting to take their photography to the next level.

To ensure more smooth video, both cameras incorporate five axis in-body image stabilisation which works with the optical image stabilisation of the RF lenses.

Combined, the system corrects up to a pretty incredible 8 stops, meaning you could almost throw away your tripod.

At the heart of the cameras is the DIGIC X processor, the same one used in the EOS-1D Mark II with processing speeds of around 0.05 seconds in the EOS R5.

Canon says the EOS R6 is the first EOS camera to offer a minimum EV for AF of -6.5EV.

What is particularly impressive is the focusing system, which not only recognises the faces and eyes of humans, but also cats, dogs and birds in still and movie modes.

Even when subjects are moving, or the person's head turns away for a moment, their head and body continue to be tracked.


Canon's EOS R6 put to the test.
Canon's EOS R6 put to the test.

So if a dog is hurling toward you, the focus may go wide, but if it can pick up the dog's eyes, that's where the focus will be.

In pooch portrait sessions, the camera quickly focuses right on the eye of the dog to provide super sharp images you would be happy to print up to A2 in size on your loungeroom wall.

Both cameras have built-in Bluetooth and wi-fi, allowing you to download photos to your smartphone as you take them or remotely control image captures.


Canon's EOS R6 put to the test.
Canon's EOS R6 put to the test.

The EOS R6 has an incredible 6072 selectable AF points and an IS0 range of 100 to 102,400.

That means for much sharper images with a lot less noise in low light conditions

During movie shooting, the zebra display can be used as a guide to exposure adjustment, something useful in reducing overexposed highlights.

The 0.5 inch 3.69 million electronic viewfinder is beautiful to use with a 120fps refresh rate.


Canon's EOS R6 put to the test.
Canon's EOS R6 put to the test.

It also has a three-inch vari-angle 1.62 million dot LCD screen so you can shoot from more creative angles like down low on the ground or above the crowd.

There are dual card slots allow for UHS II cards and you can record to both cards simultaneously, with the ability to record in different formats for safety, security and speed.

The battery get you about 350 shots.

The Canon EOS R5 body sells online for around $6500. The Canon EOS R6 is considerably cheaper at $3500.