In one incident, the woman screamed at her husband from 5pm in the afternoon to 5am the next morning.
In one incident, the woman screamed at her husband from 5pm in the afternoon to 5am the next morning.

Child forced to call triple-0 on abusive Maryborough mum

A child was forced to call triple-0 on their own mum because of her abusive behaviour towards their father, a court has been told.

The woman pleaded guilty to three counts of contravening a domestic violence order in the Maryborough Magistrates Court this week.

The court heard the three charges related to three separate incidents.

The first incident occurred on October 15 when the woman arrived home about 5pm.

She started yelling for an unknown reason, the court heard, and continued until 5am the next morning.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, hit the man in the head a few times before throwing a phone book at him, the court heard.

The man didn't sustain any injuries and called an ambulance to get the woman help, but she left the home.

On October 19 police spoke with her but she didn't make a statement.

She was issued with a notice to appear.

On December 7, the woman returned home and found the man had smoked her cigarettes and became aggressive towards him, the court heard.

She got into her vehicle and caused damage to it while leaving the house, the court heard.

Police arrived at the home and the man refused to make a statement.

Police attended the address a short time later and heard the woman screaming abuse at the man.

She was again issued with a notice to appear.

Then on New Year's Day, police were called to a disturbance at the address.

They found the man sitting outside the home with a small cut to the head.

Police heard the woman had picked up a TV remote and thrown it at him.

One of their children had then called the police.

The court heard the woman had been suffering from severe anxiety and depression and had only just been placed on medication when the offending happened.

She had written a letter of apology to her husband, the court was told.

She had lost her job because of the offending.

The woman had moved out and was living with her mother.

She was fined $850 and no convictions were recorded.