COUNT GOES ON: Election outcome becoming clearer

AFTER more than a week since Queensland’s local government election day, an outcome on the Southern Downs is yet to be finalised.

While favourites for the mayoral position and eight councillor roles have emerged, no official declarations have been made.

As of Sunday morning, Vic Pennisi maintains a commanding lead in the mayoral race.

WIth 83.80 per cent of counting done, Mr Pennisi has secured 9403 votes, or 44.28 per cent.

His nearest rival, incumbent Tracy Dobie, has 7731 votes, or 36.41 per cent.

Warwick’s Peter Kemp has managed 3051 votes and Allora’s Joe Doepel has surpassed 1000.

Postal votes will still be accepted and counted until Tuesday, April 7, but the top candidates have remained consistent for much of the week.

Leading the way in the councillor vote, by some margin, is former deputy mayor Ross Bartley.

Despite only 83 per cent of votes counted for councillor, Mr Bartley will certainly retain his top spot.

With 9455 votes, Mr Bartley’s closest competitor is Stanthorpe’s Cameron Gow with 8332 votes.

Just behind Mr Gow is incumbent deputy mayor Jo McNally who has gained 8254 votes as of Sunday morning.

In fourth spot is Andrew Gale on 8021 and Sheryl Windle in fifth with 7947.

Newcomers, Marco Gliori and Cynthia McDonald, continue to hold on to sixth and seventh with 7693 and 7517 votes respectively.

It’s in that eighth and final spot where things have remained interesting.

Stanthorpe’s Stephen Tancred holds a slender lead over former councillor Glyn Rees.

At last count, Mr Tancred led Allora’s Glyn Rees by just 174 votes.

With 7094, Granite Belt Water Relief president Russell Wantling rounds out the top 10.

Interestingly, when it comes down to official first preference counts, Stanthorpe’s Stephen Tancred, Michael Jensen and Cameron Gow have secured the most.

With more postal votes to be counted, an outcome is unlikely to be reached until Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest.