Kristy O'Brien has encouraged locals to support local.
Kristy O'Brien has encouraged locals to support local.

Do we need chains? Readers have their say

SUPPORT what we already have.

That's the overwhelming message from people after we put the question to readers about what new stores they'd like to see in Stanthorpe.

Close to 70 people responded, with plenty of calls for a Kmart, KFC, Bunnings and a cinema.

But in positive news for the Stanthorpe small business fraternity, the calls to support existing small businesses took the majority on the streets and on social media.

"I like the fact there are small businesses," Suzie Berryman said.

"I support Stanthorpe shops and very rarely shop out of town. Happy as is."

"I don't really think we need anymore stores," Sarah Fossey said.

"I was at the Sunshine Coast with my kids and decided to play a game that involved finding a store that sells something you cannot buy in Stanthorpe.

"The truth is, there were really not that many," Ms Fossey said.

Brinx Deli and Cafe owner Kristy O'Brien doesn't believe larger chain stores are suited to country towns.

"There's space for everyone but I think your mass corporations like your Kmart's, Big W and KFC and things like that … I think a lot of them are suited to the city where's there's more foot traffic.

"When I go away on a holiday overseas or in Australia I don't look for chains. I go to a cafe owned by the little guy.



Plenty of our readers suggested they’d like to see a Kmart in Stanthorpe.
Plenty of our readers suggested they’d like to see a Kmart in Stanthorpe.




"I want to have real food and not something mass produced. I want something unique, that's handcrafted.

"It kind of annoys me when I see comments and then something like that does come to the area and they don't support them.

"I think little towns need to keep that uniqueness because if not then what sets us apart from everywhere else," Ms O'Brien said.

There were several calls for more stuff for children and teenagers.

"I think we need more stuff for kids and young people," Christie Chandler said.

"After being a volunteer at the info centre, I really noticed there is a severe lack in activities for families with young kids."

"We need our bowling alley back! That was great fun for the kids," Mark N Leisha said.

Nearly 20 people voted for a Kmart.

"Kmart for sure," Eve Franklin said.

"I would like to see more stores come to Stanthorpe to help us grow. Like a Best and Less or Big W," Kaylene Chesterman said.

"We need more and the owners of shops here need to be able to do more so that they can survive."

"Stanthorpe's population is actually declining, but as a town with an older population, medical services, like optometrists and physios, are what Stanthorpe really needs," Renee Andreatta said.

Stanthorpe and Granite Belt Chamber of Commerce president Graham Parker says we have everything we need right here in our backyard.

"We don't have the population base to support big chains," he said.

"What are we going to do? Put in a Bunnings here and that store goes bust in a year's time.

"I can buy all of my hardware out here. I very seldom buy from Bunnings.

"Point in case, I had to go buy a new air filter for my quad bike. I looked around found the part and saw that this is how much it'll cost me on eBay.

"I went to JSI to see if they had one. They didn't but said they'd order it in and it'd be cheaper in the end.

"It's not that hard to find what you need here. Support the small local businesses here or we won't have them.

"We're already spoiled for choice I think," Mr Parker said.

The Border Post sought comment from Kmart and KFC but did not receive a response.

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