HEAVY RAINS: Here’s when Stanthorpe residents can expect the next big falls. Picture: file
HEAVY RAINS: Here’s when Stanthorpe residents can expect the next big falls. Picture: file

FALLING SHORT: Stanthorpe misses out on heavy January rains

STANTHORPE residents may have missed out on a rainy start to 2021, but the latest predictions suggest that could change from next week.

Fresh data from the Bureau of Meteorology revealed the Stanthorpe area had received only 24.2mm of its 98.8mm January average so far.

With other areas of the Southern Downs such as Warwick already at 75.2mm of its 79.4mm average total, the Granite Belt seems to have missed out the drenching.

BOM meteorologist Matt Marshall said Stanthorpe residents could expect some heavier falls by Monday, bringing a significant boost to the region.

“Broadly, a lot of places will fall in the 10mm – 30mm rain, and in some isolated pockets in the region we’ll see heavier falls pushing into the 50mm – 60mm mark,” Mr Marshall said.

“There’s a slight chance of a shower moving up into Warwick and the Southern Downs today, but really the bulk of it is going to be south of the border.

“There will be a bit of an elevated chance of seeing a storm tomorrow, and any that do come through will bring the chance of large hail, damaging winds, and heavy rains.”

Mr Marshall warned any storms on Saturday would likely remain very isolated, with a south-easterly trough pushing most of the weather activity further to the east.

Unofficial online forecaster Weatherzone was slightly less optimistic for Monday’s rainfall, indicating a 70 per cent chance of 5mm – 10mm in Stanthorpe.

Stanthorpe residents can also expect the warm weather to stay around despite any rainfall, with temperatures to remain in the mid to low 30s until Monday next week.


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