The 2018 BRL season will not go ahead following a decision at an AGM on Wednesday night.
The 2018 BRL season will not go ahead following a decision at an AGM on Wednesday night. Matthew Purcell

Final nail in the coffin for BRL

The Border Rugby League is no more.

The BRL held an AGM on Wednesday night where it was announced the competition would fold.

Killarney and Inglewood were unable to form committees for the 2018 season, leaving only two sides remaining in the competition.

"Unfortunately a decision was made that the BRL go into recess until further notice due to only two clubs being able to form committees - Stanthorpe and Tenterfield,” president Norm Crisp said.

"It is very unfortunate that Inglewood and Killarney couldn't form committees for the 2018 season, as word from both areas indicated that there were enough players to field teams.

"Texas was keen to rejoin in 2018, however were not able to guarantee player numbers on a regular basis.”

The Stanthorpe Gremlins will now apply to partake in the Toowoomba Rugby League division 2 competition, while Tenterfield will head south.

"It'll be subject to a vote at the Gremlins' meeting next week, which should only be a formality,” Crisp said.

"This competition looks to have 7-8 teams at this stage so will provide a more interesting season for the players and supporters, even though a bit more travelling will be required.”

Last year's division 2 competition comprised teams from Warwick, Gatton, Pittsworth, Dalby, Toowoomba Valleys and Brothers Toowoomba.

"After 21 years as a competition, it is hopefully not the end of the Border Rugby League. Discussions will take place during the 2018 season as to the viability of reforming in 2019.

"I would like to acknowledge the work done by the previous committees of the BRL, particularly the presidents Steve McEvoy (15 years), Neil O'Connor (three years) and Dolly Bennett (one year).”