STRONG FUTURE: The games peak bodies will meet with Football Stanthorpe officials to discuss the future of the game.
STRONG FUTURE: The games peak bodies will meet with Football Stanthorpe officials to discuss the future of the game.

Football’s future given new voice

FOOTBALL: The future of football in Stanthorpe is set to look a little bit brighter tonight with the game’s governing bodies holding an informal summit.

Football Queensland Football South West Queensland will facilitate the discussion with officials and interested parties from the league’s six clubs.

Football Stanthorpe president Cameron Gow said he was hoping to get “as much feedback as possible” on the future of the game in the region.

“They obviously care about the future of football and there’s quite a lot of people who are passionate about it here,” Gow said.

“I’m looking forward to not only hearing from FQ but also local participants and what they think is the future is.”

The summit is the first of its kind in the state facilitated by FQ, with the intention to connect officials with grassroots clubs.

Gow said it would give coaches a chance to find the pathways available for budding talent coming from the Granite Belt.

“We have some talented young players and what are the opportunities and pathways available to them should they choose to play,” he said.

“What sort of opportunities are there to bring the game to the bush and talent scout – for lack of a better word – those kids with skills and abilities.

“Anyone who has the passion and drive who wants to pursue football, we want them too.”

While the traditional Football Stanthorpe season won’t be contested in 2020 due to coronavirus, Gow is hopeful to share the new tournament officials are hoping to play.

“We want to give them feedback about the non-competitive tournament that we’re putting together and get their thoughts about it too,” he said.

“And with volunteers, it’s hard to expect that people are going to go above and beyond to help develop the game.

“It needs to be easy, so what sort of support is there for people who want to help out in the many different rolls involved off the field.”

The summit will start at 6pm at Stanthorpe International Club.

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