CAUGHT: A Wild lizard with its head stuck in a beer can on Fraser Island.
CAUGHT: A Wild lizard with its head stuck in a beer can on Fraser Island. John Marsh/Save Fraser Island Di

FRASER ISLAND: Image released of lizard trapped in beer can

A PHOTO of a lizard with its head stuck in a beer can has been released by conservation group Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc.

The group says it's just one of countless examples of human activity on the World Heritage listed island disturbing all wildlife, not just dingoes.

The calls for change on Fraser Island follows an incident on Monday when a child was attacked by a dingo.

STFIDI spokeswoman Cheryl Bryant said the influx of thousands of tourists during peak periods "clearly" disturbed the wildlife and damaged the environment.

"Some animals succumb to vehicle strikes, interference of their habitat, and dingoes are destroyed  for what is considered aggressive behaviour," Ms Bryant said.

"As a World Heritage listed Island the flora and fauna should  be the most important consideration.

"Although there are countless signs on the Island  regarding appropriate behaviour, including keeping children close and supervised, there seems to be little responsibility placed on the visitors."

Should tourist numbers on World Heritage listed Fraser Island be capped during peak holiday periods?

This poll ended on 30 September 2016.

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Yes. Protecting the wildlife should be the top priority.


No. People should have the right to holiday when and where they want.


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She suggested families with young children should stay in fenced areas.

"After all that is why they were erected," she said.

"There certainly needs to be more consultation to prevent these negative encounters and protect both wildlife and visitors.

"It is not only the dingo that is impacted."