BLOOMING GOOD: A bit of colour to liven up the region with the Gardenfest.
BLOOMING GOOD: A bit of colour to liven up the region with the Gardenfest.

Gardenfest set to brighten region

DESPITE the drought, some people might still be keen for a bit of colour in their life.

That is the hope of Stanthorpe Garden Club president Ian Jackson in the lead up to the annual Gardenfest.

Organisers are ploughing ahead with the celebration of plants and spring which encourages people to get out in the yard.

“I know some people say why are we running it in the drought but we believe we need to keep it going,” said Mr Jackson.

“We know it has been a tough year but we also put money back into the community from this event and we want to be able to still do that.

“I think people still need a bit of colour in their life.”

Gardenfest includes nurseries and businesses from across the region hosting stalls at the Stanthorpe Christian Fellowship.

“It’s like a plant fair. There’s free admission and people can come along and look at what’s on site and buy something and take it home and put it in their garden.

“There are plants and mowers, landscaping stuff, gardening tools, a variety of garden ornaments.

“We also raise money at our (gardening club) stall with tea and coffee and light refreshments.

“I would like to see people come out and enjoy themselves even if they’re not planting, they might like to sit down to a cup of tea and refreshments with their friends.

“It might just be an opportunity to get together, if nothing else.”

Michael Brisotto, from Mick’s Four Seasons Nursery, said there were ways of maintaining or planting in the drought.

“I think it’s tough in general for everyone with the water restrictions when you can’t go outside with a hose,” said Mr Brisotto.

“It is possible to make better use of water by not wasting. Keep your grey water.

“When you wash your hands, keep a bucket underneath so it’s not going down the drain.”

Mr Brisotto said succulents were popular waterwise plants but it was also possible to grow vegetables and trees.

“If you can keep a vegie garden going that is a good way to save a few dollars,” he said.

The Stanthorpe Gardenfest and Trade Fair is on October 11 and 12 from 9am to 4pm at 207 Amosfield Road.