GIVING: Kylie Stewart, Rebecca Sewell, Deb Lightfoot, Mariette Labuschagne and Michael Geyson.
GIVING: Kylie Stewart, Rebecca Sewell, Deb Lightfoot, Mariette Labuschagne and Michael Geyson. Vicki Wood

Generosity fires up for victims

FROM donated goods, GoFundMe accounts, to the offer of a free shampoo and blow dry - Stanthorpe is getting behind those affected by the fires.

Since the blazes kicked off on Friday, the community has pulled together and the offers of support from outside have been flooding in too.

Volunteers at the showgrounds moved on yesterday, but they ensured all the donations were distributed.

"Half of it has gone to Purple Dove on Church Road at The Summit for those that are still affected by the fires," Rebecca Sewell said.

"If people are still wanting to donate food Purple Dove is working with Support the Farmers to help those in need.

"The other half went to Tenterfield evacuation centre."

Ms Sewell said they had fed four families who lost their homes over the past few days, as well as at least 30 displaced families and hundreds of emergency services people.

Stanthorpe youngster Jodie Perkins, now based in Brisbane, has started up a GoFundMe page aimed at raising money for the community.

"The only way I can think of helping right now is by fundraising money to help repair our beautiful town when this is all over," she said.

She's hoping to raise $100,000 for water, food and crisis accommodation.

Visit /f/help-stanthorpe-fight- bushfires-amp-drought for more information.

Baked Relief is collecting baked goods for emergency services and volunteers in Stanthorpe, these are being collected in Toowoomba and trucked down.

Mansara Hair is this week offering a free shampoo and blowdry.

For anyone who lost their rainwater tanks in the fire, MWF Plumbing is offering a replacement at cost price.

Nancy Folkers at Eclectic Pallet in Maryland St has been taking voucher donations at her store that will be distributed to those in need. She read a post from local firefighter, Liz Thompson, and wanted to act.

Mrs Folker's Spiller Lane property was right in the firing line of Friday night's inferno, but somehow still stands.

"We've had quite a few donations so far," Mrs Folkers said.

"We also want to support local businesses so people are encouraged to buy local and they'll be passed on to volunteer personnel.

"Our unpaid volunteers often lose time off work and this is a way to say thanks to them."

It'll run for two weeks and then Mrs Folkers and Ms Thompson will work out how to distribute them.

A Community Recovery Hub has been set up at the Stanthorpe Civic Centre as well as a hotline. Phone 1800 173 349 if you require more information.