MILESTONE: The Stanthorpe Border Post is celebrating an anniversary.
MILESTONE: The Stanthorpe Border Post is celebrating an anniversary. Stanthorpe Border Post Archives

Giving voice to readers for 147 years

HOW many times have I heard 'nobody reads the newspaper'?

I have lost count. Even a recent Q&A on water security at the Civic Centre concluded with those words.

So, it is timely that this week, 147 years ago, two astute businessmen, Henry Beauchamp Unwin and Ralph Gore, took the plunge and opened the Border Post and Stannum Miner.

It was printed on foolscap-sized sheets and was immediately nicknamed "The Boundary Peg” (as when rolled it was the same size as a boundary peg) or "The Stannum Roarer”.

The world has kept moving, times have changed and so has the newspaper game, and after 147 years, access to information has transformed in ways that are sometimes beyond belief.

I doubt that Mr Unwin and Mr Gore sat and pondered the possibility of minute by minute news through wireless applications but I am sure they did believe the product they were delivering would stand the test of time as long as it presented quality, grassroots content which reflected the community.

It was and still is this belief that has always been the cornerstone of the Stanthorpe Border Post's mantra and in a day and age when it is all too easy to throw around the words 'fake news' or 'misinformation', this local paper is paramount.

Through every single change that has taken place, the Stanthorpe Border Post has always been committed to providing up-to-date news and information that the residents have come to love and most importantly, trust.

It is this trust that has thrown the stereotypical myth that 'nobody reads the newspaper' straight out the window.

While there is a need for someone to give a voice to the people of the Granite Belt, there will always be this community newspaper.

I am proud that through the best and worst of times, the Stanthorpe Border Post has stood up for its residents and weathered the storms that sometimes come with the job.

A great newspaper editor once said that a successful newspaper has to be a vital part of the conversation in its community - and that is exactly what we are.

Happy 147th birthday Stanthorpe Border Post!