Further restrictions will be made to the Queensland border from Saturday, April 4.
Further restrictions will be made to the Queensland border from Saturday, April 4.

Government tightens Queensland border restrictions

THE Queensland Resources Council has been working alongside the Queensland Government to put the ‘people first’ and protect our community.

Further restrictions will be added to the closure of the Queensland border commencing this Saturday, April 4 from 11.59pm.

The tightening of the restriction requires anyone entering Queensland from any state or territory, who is not an exempt person, will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

“An employee of a resources sector company or service provider is only an exempt person if they are a critical resources sector employee.”

Organic grower Shane Gregg, whose New South Wales farm is 15km from the Queensland border at Wallangarra, said his Stanthorpe employees haven’t had any issues to get to work as of yet.

“At this stage there has been no issue at all. We just have a permit on our vehicles and are free to drive back and forth as required for the business.

“It has slowed down and become a little bit more difficult but other than that it’s just another day.”

Mr Gregg said it is a very ‘sensible’ way of handling the situation.

“Everything we source for our property comes from Queensland, so it is important that we are considered essential.”

He said it is ‘nearly life as normal’ for him and wife Maree.

“The only change is we are more economical with our trips into town. Otherwise we wake up in the morning, spend the day on the farm and come back inside in the afternoon.”

Maryland farmer Shane Gregg
Maryland farmer Shane Gregg

As for the current global pandemic, he said it was waiting to happen.

“The world needs to wake and be more sensible with the economic model we are going to run.

“Taking from the planet at the rate we have been is too much, this virus shows us that the world can’t sustain that.

“If you see insects and animals overpopulate, generally a disease comes in to drop that population to a number that is manageable.

“It is a scientifically proven fact that this was going to happen.”