Aaron Abraham carries the ball forward for the Stanthorpe Gremlins.
Aaron Abraham carries the ball forward for the Stanthorpe Gremlins. Kim Micke

Gremlins claim first win for the season

THE Stanthorpe Gremlins have nabbed their first win for the season.

The team reversed early season results when they clashed with the Cutters in this week's Border Rugby League game, resulting in a 64-10 win over the Killarney side.

Even though the Killarney team was short on players they put up a strong effort against a much improved Gremlins side.

Gremlins spokesman Paul Shatte said it was a pleasing effort.

"It was great,” he said.

Shatte said a lot of hard work and training contributed to their improved performance.

"They have been turning up now (at) training and getting together as a side which is good and they showed that here today,” he said.

"That's probably been the big difference here getting more (to training) especially on Thursday nights when we do a bit of ball work.”

The Gremlins side scored a combined eleven tries.

Michael Solomon, Justin Field, Lukas Wilkinson, Corey Rashleigh, Gary and Michael Skimmings scored one try each.

Nicolas Marsh made it over the try line twice and Michael Marini scored three times.

"There were a lot of stand-out performances today,” Shatte said.

"They are starting to support each other (and they are) passing well.”

Shatte said coach Gary Skimmings led by example and so did his brother Michael Skimmings.

"A couple of bigger guys really helped though making a lot of ground and offloading and cutting down on our mistakes which is a big thing,” he said.

Michael Marini successfully converted ten of eleven tries.

"Michael Marini went really well... and he kicked well,” Shatte said.

The club-spokesman said Corey Rashleigh and Will Miles played well, too.

"Will Miles... is starting to fit into the squad and he is taking the ball forward, he is offloading or going through (the line) himself,” he said.

"They are sort of starting to combine well as a team now.

"A few of (the players) have come back with a bit more experience, like Aaron Abraham and Lukas Wilkinson.”

Shatte said the Gremlins side still made a few errors but they would work on that.

"I still think their fitness level is nowhere where it should be,” he said.

"But a lot of them work away so you can't get them here for training but at least they are turning up for the games.

"It would be nice to see them keep that effort up at training.”

Shatte said they would have a week off next week and then get into the double-headers.

"The (players) finished off this round with a win which is very pleasing and we'll go into the double-headers with a bit of confidence,” he said.

"We will get a few (players) back from injury like the Hendry boys.

"Anything can happen in the last round of the double-headers.”