ROUGH RESULT: Stanthorpe Gremlins had a tough 90-nil loss to Inglewood on Saturday.
ROUGH RESULT: Stanthorpe Gremlins had a tough 90-nil loss to Inglewood on Saturday. John Towells

Gremlins face huge loss against Inglewood lads

IT WAS a loss so great they could easily have walked away from the match early, but the Stanthorpe Gremlins didn't back down from their clash with Border Rugby League leaders Inglewood at the weekend.

Gremlins spokesman Paul Shatte said the Stanthorpe players didn't give up despite the 90-0 loss to the Roosters.

"It wasn't the best day for us,” Shatte said.

"It probably wasn't our most experienced side... and we were up against the best side in the competition.

"It was demoralising to watch but the young guys, they never gave up. They stuck it out until the end.”

He said they had three players off with injuries by the end of the match, and three more sticking it our on the field despite wounds of their own, but they still didn't give in.

"They struggled on and they gave it their best shot,” Shatte said.

"It wasn't a particularly good day for us.”

Shatte said while the Gremlins knew they wouldn't be making the final, Inglewood also had a point to prove against their competition.

"I think Inglewood had a bit of a point to prove, that they were going to throw everything they could at a young team,” Shatte said.

He said this would show Tenterfield they meant business ahead of the grand final.

He said Steven Foster, who "never gave up all day”, Michael Skimmings and Will Miles were among those who put in a strong effort in Killarney on Saturday, while Lyle Rudd was players' player.

"It was a credit to them that they stuck with it,” Shatte said.

The Gremlins will face Tenterfield in Inglewood this Saturday for the team's last game of the season.

Shatte hoped supporters would turn up for their game, from 1.30pm.

The Killarney scored a 30-26 victory against Tenterfield in the double- header day at Killarney.