BLAZE: Two helicopters were called to the scene in Amiens.
BLAZE: Two helicopters were called to the scene in Amiens. liana walker

Helicopters called to fire near Stanthorpe

TWO water-bombing helicopters have been called to Amiens after a fire broke out just before 1pm this afternoon. 

Two urban crews from Stanthorpe, two urban crews from Warwick and four rural fire crews attended the scene at Minsani Lane. 

Stanthorpe Fire Station captain Ian Barnden said the grass fire burned around 6 acres of land and praised the work of fire fighters for containing the blaze swiftly. 

"When we got out here it wasn't a very large fire but it was very high winds," he said. 

"Because we've got such a high fire danger this week we've got a strike team down from Toowoomba."

He said the fire is currently under control with crews remaining at the scene to cut down trees and keep the blaze contained. 

With a fire ban in place until midnight on Friday, Mr Barnden is urging vigilance from residents. 

"The biggest thing is if someone does see smoke call that 000 straight away because the more resources we can get there early," he said. 

"As you can see by today we've really been able to contain this fire without too much damage.

"That's our aim is to get there early and use as much strike force as we can to try and combat that fire before it does get too large and destroy property as well.

"If people are going to be doing mowing or welding  just leave it for a couple of days until all of this wind and horrible fire weather has passed.

"A couple of days isn't going to make any difference for mowing your grass."

The cause of the Amiens fire is currently unknown.