Addison and Nate Rule with Ebony Bateman (middle).
Addison and Nate Rule with Ebony Bateman (middle). Matthew Purcell

HUGE GALLERY: Snow fun much at Snowflakes

THROWING snowballs, tobogganing and building mock igloos bought a smile to the faces of the roughly 15,000 visitors who passed through Snowflakes in Stanthorpe over Friday and the weekend.

Event president, Tracey Gosney said 'we had a fantastic event'.

He even had praise for the cloudy, blustery conditions, saying people came from Brisbane 'to see sleety, snowy weather and they got sleety, snowy weather'.

"It was close to snow but it didn't quite get there,” he said.

Plans had to be revised to deal with the weather but it was nothing the team couldn't handle. The wind 'played havoc' with the snow but the snowmakers continued to work the ice machine and replenish the snowfield throughout the day.

"Next time, they're saying they will make big mounds and tip it off the back of a tipper,” he said.

The wind also forced the fireworks to be bought forward by 15 minutes on Friday night as the technicians were concerned that the fireworks would be blown outside the designated safety zone.

"A couple of people weren't happy about it but you do what you have to do,” he said.

The lantern parade prior to the fireworks was also praised as a great success by Mr Gosney.

Held for the first time, about 400 people joined the parade, carrying lanterns made from used milk bottles, in accord with this year's theme of recycling.

Mr Gosney said that previously the festivities in the main street on Friday finished 'on a bit of a flat note but this year they finished with a bang'.