Dance was big at the 2017 Eisteddfod, but this year it will be even bigger.
Dance was big at the 2017 Eisteddfod, but this year it will be even bigger. Shane Anderson

Huge increase to Border District Eisteddfod

EVERY year the Border District Eisteddfod entertains the Granite Belt with days on end of dancing, music, singing and speech.

This year the eisteddfod jumps to a massive eight-day event, up from the usual five to six days.

Eisteddfod secretary Lucy Andersen said the increase in length had been reflected in the number of people entering.

"Our entries are considerably bigger this year," Mrs Anderson said.

"They're up a lot due to dance which is very popular.

"Last year we had 632 entries all up, this year we have 920 entries."

This is the third year the current committee has been running the event.

Mrs Anderson said they have started to learn over the years the importance of dance.

"People are still getting to know we're getting dance in the eisteddfod," she said.

"It makes it more exciting for people who are competing.

"If there are people coming from various different dance schools it makes it more of a competition."

This year the Eisteddfod will run from Friday, May 25 to Friday, June 1.

The competition begins with four days of dance from May 25, followed by a day of speech and drama and concluding with three days of music.

On the final day there will also be an adjudicator's choice concert filled with various acts chosen throughout the week.

The Border District Eisteddfod attracts competitors from all around Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Eisteddfod vice president Pauline Leigh said the event created a lot of buzz in town.

"it's a hive of activity on those days," Mrs Leigh said.

"The whole idea is it is a competition but at the end of the day it's all about presenting and doing your best and getting up and performing in front of others.

"It's all building blocks."

Mrs Leigh said the highlight of the eisteddfod was watching the children improve over the years.

"My favourite moment always is seeing children getting up and really trying their best," she said.

"Really putting everything into it and enjoying it.

"Just getting the sense they're entertaining people."

The full program will be online from April 23.