Back Shelbi Wantling,Teigan Wantling, Front Samantha Wantling and Taylah Wantling
Back Shelbi Wantling,Teigan Wantling, Front Samantha Wantling and Taylah Wantling Contributed

I am invincible, I am strong, I am woman

I GUESS that being a mother to three beautiful and successful daughters and being the manager of a newspaper, in a somewhat male dominated industry, should make me somewhat of an expert on the topic of celebrating woman in the 21st century.

But in fact, it makes me no more of an expert than my grandmothers were on this topic 70 years ago.

Sure, the role of a woman has changed and the opportunities presented to us today are unlimited, but I still believe that as a gender we are, and always have been, capable of anything.

Growing up I was blessed to have three very strong female role models in my life.

My paternal grandmother was decades ahead of her time and was a business woman who owned two shops in the Stanthorpe main street in a time where most business owners were men.

My maternal grandmother was a stay-at-home wife and mother who wanted nothing more than to raise her six children with the tools to make them happy and strong adults.

My mother was, and still is, an accomplished business woman, who never missed one of our events and somehow managed to just do it all.

Never once have I thought that any of these three women was any better than the other.

All three of these women chose their own paths.

They took on the roles that they wanted and did not let any one person or any stereotype stand in their way.

For me, that is what being a woman in the 21st century is all about.

It is about having the courage to say I want to stay at home with my children and raise them the way I believe.

It is about standing up in a male-dominated industry and saying I know what is best for this business.

It is about overcoming hurdles and putting your very own stamp of that thing that you truly believe in.

It is about being the best woman that you want to be.

So to all the woman reading this, I hope you celebrated International Woman's Day with a smile and no matter how you ended your day: whether it was marking an exam paper, filling out paperwork, tackling something in the board room or simply kissing your children goodnight.

Also, remember the words that Helen Reddy sang back in the '70's:

"I am woman, here me roar - I am invincible, I am strong, I am woman".