Shell Service Station, Woolloomooloo. Petrol Prices. Generic Sydney
Shell Service Station, Woolloomooloo. Petrol Prices. Generic Sydney

‘I don’t want it’: Armed robber skips out without his loot

An armed robber and attempted armed robber skipped out on the second robbery after the service station employee offered a bag full of cash to him.

Jamie Liam Hutchinson’s behaviour during both offences was described as “unusual” and “irrational” during sentencing in Rockhampton District Court on March 5.

Hutchinson, 28, pleaded guilty to the offences he carried out on April 1 and July 3, 2020.

Crown prosecutor Matthew Fleetwood said the first victim opened the door for Hutchinson and his female companion about 10pm on April 1 at the BP on Kent St.

Hutchinson asked where the phone chargers were and went to them once pointed in the right direction.

Mr Fleetwood said that while the victim was talking to another customer, Hutchinson grabbed speakers, a power bank and chargers and attempted to leave.

He said Hutchinson told the victim to open the door.

After some bantering, Hutchinson told the victim “if you don’t open the doors, I’ll jump the counter and stab you with a needle”.

The victim, in fear, opened the door.

Hutchinson was later found by police in possession of the items.

Three months later, Hutchinson entered the Coles Express service station on the corner of High and Musgrave streets at 3.45am.

Mr Fleetwood said the defendant asked the victim if there “were more us” before demanding he empty the register, twice.

Hutchinson told the victim not to bother with coins.

He said the victim noticed Hutchinson was carrying a shank and he kept looking around.

Mr Fleetwood said the victim hit the robbery alarm and placed a bag full of cash on the counter for Hutchinson to take.

“Nah, I don’t want it. Put it away,” Hutchinson told the victim.

“I don’t know what the f--- I’m doing man.”

Hutchinson left the store and was located by police who were patrolling.

The police caught up with Hutchinson, not because of the robbery, but because he looked distressed and was crying.

Hutchinson told police he walked into the store intending to steal food and did not recall anything after reaching the doughnuts until the moment the attendant shovelled cash into the bag.

Defence barrister Maree Willey said Hutchinson was homeless at 16 years old and had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

She said he had worked for a labour hire company over the years.

Ms Willey said her client was intoxicated (alcohol) when he committed both offences.

She said his father had died about a month prior to the first offence and he currently had no family support.

Ms Willey said at the time of the second offence, he had nowhere to stay, no money and no food.

The court heard Bridges Health and Community Care was offering to support Hutchinson for 12 months upon his release from prison.

Judge Jeff Clarke sentenced Hutchinson to four years prison.

He also activated suspended sentences, handed down in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on May 29, 2020, of one month and three months prison to be served concurrently with the four- year prison term.

Judge Clarke declared 245 days presentence custody and ordered the four-year prison term be suspended after serving 11 months and set an operational period of five years.

He said what happened during these offences was unusual compared to the regular armed robberies before Queensland courts.