Just delivered: the most popular baby names of 2016

BABY Centre has just delivered their annual report of the most popular baby names for 2016.

The data comes from nearly 400,000 parents who shared their baby's name with the website this year.

The two lists of 100 names include the usual favourites as well as some interesting new trends.


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Again, Sophia and Jackson took out the number one spot as the most popular girl and boy baby name.

While Riley, Charlotte, Oliver and Elijah were all new to the top 10.

Other names trending this year were Peyton, Eliana, and Mateo.

Ezra and Aria (maybe the parents like Pretty Little Liars) also featured on the list with Aria making the top 10.

Ezra and Aria are two characters in hit show Pretty Little Liars
Ezra and Aria are two characters in hit show Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars | Facebook

Sliding down the list were names such as Kylie and Parker.

And dropping off the list all together: Kaitlyn, Isla, Brody, Taylor, Xander and Blake.

Meanwhile, Baby Centre found parents took inspiration for naming their children from horror shows to superheroes, powerful women and politics.

Netflix supernatural mystery Stranger Things gave names such as Nancy, Dustin, Lucas and Joyce a boost. Nancy climbed 46%, Dustin 32%, Lucas 25% and Joyce 23%.

The Incredible Hulk's alter ego Banner shot up 48% and Suicide Squad's Harley 35%.

The presidential election is most likely to blame for Hillary climbing 64% in popularity...while Donald only rose 5%.

And also seeing a surge were oddities such as Cloud - 76%, Apple - 39% for boys and 32% for girls, and Rocket - 24%.

Anyway, here are the top 10 most popular girl and boy names for 2016:


1 Sophia
2 Emma
3 Olivia
4 Ava
5 Mia
6 Isabella
7 Riley
8 Aria
9 Zoe
10 Charlotte


1 Jackson
2 Aiden
3 Lucas
4 Liam
5 Noah
6 Ethan
7 Mason
8 Caden
9 Oliver
10 Elijah

See Baby Centre for the full top 100 names lists.