Curfew and justice order for out-of-control child vandals.
Curfew and justice order for out-of-control child vandals.

Kids 'run amok' and vandalise school in crime spree

TWO juveniles have ended up on the wrong side of the law after 'running amok' in a case of trespassing and vandalism.

Stanthorpe Police attended Stanthorpe State Primary School last Friday after an informant phoned police.

"(An informant) stated he could see them trying to open doors to the auditorium and generally running amok," Acting Senior Sergeant Shane Gleeson said.

"Police attended and caught a juvenile attempting to break into a secure area under a building where a bicycle was stored. The second juvenile was also present.

"Both were arrested and immediately transported to their respective residences.

"Police returned to the school to inspect and photograph damage and rubbish strewn around the grounds.

"Follow up inquiries will be conducted with the school to obtain a complaint and discover the full extent of any damage caused," Sgt Gleeson said.

One offender was charged and placed on curfew, while the second was referred to the Restorative Justice Process.