Amanda Keller has spoken out about Rove’s TV show being axed.
Amanda Keller has spoken out about Rove’s TV show being axed.

Keller ‘sick’ over Rove’s axing

Amanda Keller says she "feels sick" about Rove McManus' TV show getting axed after just two episodes.

Channel 10 announced last night it had dropped Saturday Night Rove after the second episode on the weekend attracted a dismal 138,000 viewers in the five capital cities.

"I feel sick about it," an upset Keller said on her WSFM breakfast show this morning. "I'm a very big fan of Rove's. It's hard and I feel for him."

Keller also felt bad for the staffers who worked on Saturday Night Rove.

"When shows get axed, often people will go, 'Yeah, sucked in, I didn't like it'," she said on radio. "When a post office closes, people are outraged. When a TV show closes, there are people out of jobs.

"These are people who are paying school fees and paying mortgages. They need wages as much as anybody else and it's very hard, people have no sympathy for the television industry."


Saturday Night Rove was axed after just two episodes.
Saturday Night Rove was axed after just two episodes.


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Saturday Night Rove copped a lot of flack on social media during its two-week run, with Keller comparing it to the negative reaction Ben Elton's 2011 Channel 9 show Live from Planet Earth received. That show was axed after three episodes.

"The thing is, if you're trying to make people laugh, people are outraged," she said. "You can make a drama that people don't like that much and they go, 'Oh, OK, there it is'. Trying to make people laugh, people take it so personally if they don't think it's funny.

"Ben Elton was so publicly shamed … I don't think I've seen him on television since. We humiliated him because we didn't think it was funny enough.

"You wonder why people choose to put their hands up … and say, 'I'll host a show'."


The cast of 'Ben Elton: Live From Planet Earth'.
The cast of 'Ben Elton: Live From Planet Earth'.


Keller, who hosts The Living Room on Channel 10, said the fear of being publicly ridiculed like Ben Elton and Rove had previously put her off hosting a show solo.

"For years I refused to host a show on my own, I was terrified," the WSFM star said. "I didn't want the responsibility of the criticism."

After Saturday Night Rove was axed, Rove, a three-time Gold Logie winner, told TV Tonight: "It was clear looking at the numbers that the audience we hoped would find a freewheeling live show on a Saturday night just weren't there. We spoke with 10 today and we both called it.

"The opportunity to play live in front of Australia again was fun, no matter how brief, and I would like to thank my amazing co-stars, the behind-the-scenes team and everyone at 10 who got behind Saturday Night Rove."

A Network 10 spokesperson told the website, "Unfortunately Saturday Night Rove hasn't resonated with viewers the way we had hoped, so Rove and 10 have made the decision to remove it from the schedule. Rove is a sensational entertainer and a close friend of 10, and we thank him for all his hard work, and all the laughs, on Saturday Night Rove."



Channel 10 has not yet announced a replacement for the axed variety show. As for Rove, he told Hit TV recently he was considering a national comedy tour in the future.

"It's funny how when you first start doing stand-up it's like, 'Well, what else do I want to do in comedy?'" Rove said. "Now stand-up comedy is the trade I have to fall back on.

"No matter what else happens, you can always get up in a room with a microphone and a swag full of jokes and entertain anybody. I love it and have been doing a bit more of that in the last couple of years since I got back from the States.

"I have taken a bit of a break, but I am still writing jokes for what could be the next tour after this show."