Splitz crosses the line in the Stanthorpe Cup Open.
Splitz crosses the line in the Stanthorpe Cup Open.

Kropp-trained horse wins 2019 Stanthorpe Cup

Splitz secured victory in the 2019 Stanthorpe cup on Saturday afternoon.

Trainer Matt Kropp, who trains at both Toowoomba and Dalby, said he surprisingly wasn't confident heading into Saturday’s race.

Coming in second at the Birdsville Cup earlier in the month, Kropp was unsure whether Splitz would be able to go the distance.

“We weren’t too sure whether he was going to win it and turned out he did,” Kropp said.

“He (Splitz) certainly enjoyed running on the track and coped with the conditions quite well.”

A very pleased Kropp said he was happy with the day and the overall result.

“It was a great day of racing.”

“A very strong country race meeting,” Kropp added.

Kropp said rain which fell at Stanthorpe during the week worked in Splitz’s favour, helping him to cross the line in first place.

“I think he (Splitz) appreciated the bit of give in the track which may have made all the difference,” said Kropp.

Kropp was happy with the performance of Splitz’s jockey Noriyuki Masuda who travelled from Ballina for the race.

“I am very happy with the overall result.”

“Nori gave him a 10 out of 10 ride,” Kropp explained.

The trainer will most likely return to Stanthorpe next year, saying it was a meeting he often tried to attend.

“If we have a horse that is ready to run, we will always look at going to Stanthorpe.”