Max Hunter being interviewed in the Stanthorpe Piazza on Friday morning.
Max Hunter being interviewed in the Stanthorpe Piazza on Friday morning. DEIRDRE SMITH

Living on 60 litres

AFTER nearly 40 years in Stanthorpe, Max Hunter knows a thing or two about water.

As an employee of the Stanthorpe Shire Council he oversaw the installation of water meters back in 1981.

And while Stanthorpe will soon see water allocation drop from 120 litres per person per day to 100 litres, he thinks that's no problem.

A water, miser, he says his household is currently operating on 60 litres per day and he believes 'it can go lower'.

He said that Australians 'take water for granted' and that it was easier for people living in town in Stanthorpe, as they had clean, running tap water and did not see the consequences of water usage in the way dwellers in rural areas did.

"We should look after our country cousins,” he said.

"An allocation of 90 litres is quite generous.

"It should be achievable by every urban dweller in Stanthorpe.”

Mr Hunter urged households to consider water saving devices such as low-flush toilet systems, and recommended that urban dwellers should also install tank water.

His own use of tank water for jobs such as washing dishes has allowed his household to become so water frugal.

He also challenged other urban dwellers to emulate his example.

"People should see how much they can save day by day and week by week,” he said.

Mr Hunter was interviewed by Brisbane and Toowoomba television stations at the launch of a waterwise advertising campaign at Stanthorpe Piazza on Friday morning.

He joined Southern Downs Mayor Tracy Dobie and Ann Burke from Jester Hill Wines and Granite Belt Wine and Tourism in speaking at the launch.

Comprising TV and radio commercials, print advertisements and social media, the campaign unites Toowoomba, Southern Downs, Western Downs, Goondiwindi and South Burnett Regional Councils, plus the Queensland State Government, to create and fund the effort.

Mr Hunter is also the President of the Apple and Grape Festival.