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Loud music sees resident face court

A RESIDENT who allegedly disobeyed a direction to turn the music down will front court.

Police attended a house in Matthew St, Stanthorpe in the early hours of Friday morning after calls were received regarding excessive noise at the address.

They asked the occupants at the address to turn the music off but returned an hour later to find the music back on.

A computer was seized and the resident of the house will appear in court for contravening a police direction.

Stanthorpe Police officer-in-charge Tim Dachs said police would like to remind the community that when Police give a noise abatement direction the relevant act requires that the direction be for a period of 96 hours.

"Police are not able to amend duration of the direction," he said.

"Any item or similar causing the excessive noise can be seized by Police for the duration of the 96 hour direction."