LETTER: Customers told to feed hard-earned cash into machine

I RECENTLY visited a branch of my bank.

Upon entering, I found that two service points had been totally removed, and two staff members lurking just inside the front door.

They asked all who entered "if they could help them".

I ignored them, because I knew what was going down.

The timid majority however, those who said they wanted to deposit money in their savings or credit card accounts, were then virtually frog-marched back outside the branch.

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They and the staff member then lined up in a queue at the single auto teller that accepted deposits.

When they got to the auto teller, the two-legged teller would then attempt to instruct the hapless customer in the robotic art of feeding their hard-earned cash into a machine, and also in an insecure environment.

What an absolute farce.

If our government is not going to allow foreign banks to openly compete with these monopolistic monoliths, then they should give us proper consumer protection laws that will reign in these dictatorial creatures who are totally motivated by greed.