GROWING: A Sugarloaf man was caught with six marijuana plants growing in his bedroom.
GROWING: A Sugarloaf man was caught with six marijuana plants growing in his bedroom. underworld111

Man admits growing drugs to ease pain after hit by truck

BEING hit by a truck in the 1970s gave Kevin William Palmer serious back pain he said only marijuana could help relieve.

Prescription medication reportedly gave him side effects so for 40 years he has been taking the drug to help him sleep and relax, but that ended at Warwick District Court yesterday.

The 60-year-old pleaded guilty to producing and possessing dangerous drugs, as well as possessing pipes or utensils and items for use in a crime.

Palmer also pleaded guilty to unlawfully possessing a weapon, after police found a rifle the Sugarloaf man claims was used by Anzacs in Gallipoli.

Crown Prosecutor Julie Aylward said police searched Palmer's home and found just over 3kg of marijuana, including six small marijuana plants growing in a bedroom wardrobe.

Some of the marijuana had been dried and was divided into plastic bags.

Defence lawyer David Jones said only about 614g of marijuana found was destined to be used, the rest was set to be destroyed.

The court heard the Sugarloaf man harvested the plants every two years and used the cannabis only before bed to help him sleep.

Palmer made full admissions at the search and pointed out the location of drugs to police, Mr Jones said.

"He's said from the start that whilst this was an offence it wasn't the case that he was selling to anyone,” Mr Jones said.

Palmer, who is on a disability support pension, reportedly admitted to producing marijuana from the start of 2015 to July 2016.

Judge David Andrews said when a person cooperated to such an extent as to provide evidence for their crimes, it is taken into account in their favour.

Palmer was fined a total of $750 for all offences.