Man breached DV by attending victim’s workplace

A domestic violence offender breached a no contact condition of a court order by attending the victim’s workplace and telling the victim he “just wanted to say hello”.

The 45-year-old man pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on February 24 to one count of breaching a domestic violence order.

Police prosecutor Kelvin Boyd said the victim started work on January 19, 2021, at a business on Kent St, Maryborough, at 6.30pm.

He said the victim saw the defendant outside the establishment and challenged him about being there, against the order which stated he was not allowed to be within 100 metres of her, or her house or her workplace.

Mr Boyd said the defendant told the victim he “just wanted to say hello”.

He said the defendant told police he understood the no contact part of the order, but had seen the victim’s car and decided to wait around.

Mr Boyd said the defendant did not plan to run into the victim and did not know where she worked.

The man was fined $500 and a conviction was recorded.