Is mandatory solar power the solution to energy woes?

YOUR SAY: How silly are these so-called problems to we Aussies?

Have we lost our fighting spirit, our tenacity and intelligence?

Since colonisation, we Aussies have been able to overcome all obstacles facing us.

Where is the old stand-and-fight Australian? These problems have solutions. Look for the solutions.

Coal mining is dying worldwide. Coal miners need to re-invent themselves.

Acland, New Hope Mining was never going to be continued forever. Indeed, should never have been allowed to mine through the country town of Acland. That destroyed a community of strong country connection.

Oakey was always a strong, small country town. It had strength without coal mining and will continue to be a strong, proud, small Australian country town. Not so Acland.

Power problems need a refocus to divorce ourselves from the use of fossil fuel-fired power stations.

Why not legislate within the building code to have all houses and industrial buildings install solar panels on roofing?

The products are available. With this application, fossil-fuel power stations would only be required at select times.

Water: Australia has many sites suitable to be utilised as storage dams, lakes throughout our lands and valleys. The building of these creates jobs and possible hydro-plant installation.

Backpacker workers: For heaven's sake, look at utilisation of our Australians receiving "dole" payments. Use the social security funding in part, to subsidise, train, etc, to harvest our crops.

Instil pride back into our rural Australian-born workers.

I have good friends out in the orchard areas who are employed annually as regular orchard and fruit pickers.

They are very proud of their work ethic and knowledge. We must encourage more into this activity. This can be managed.

  • BOB FOWKE, Regency Downs