Gokhan 'Pitbull' Turkyilmazis has entered a plea over allegations he was part of a two-state ice traffic bid.
Gokhan 'Pitbull' Turkyilmazis has entered a plea over allegations he was part of a two-state ice traffic bid.

MMA fighter faces court for drug charges

AN MMA fighter and Rebels bikie has pleaded guilty to his part in an alleged drug syndicate operating between Cairns and Sydney.

Gokhan "Pitbull" Turkyilmaz, 33, is accused of agreeing to sell ice for Polish father and son Wieslaw and Bryan Stasiak for just over two months in mid-2017.

The trio allegedly made the deal while watching the welterweight world title fight between Jeff Horn and Manny Pacquiao fight at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane during July 2017.

Turkyilmaz today pleaded guilty in the Cairns Supreme Court to trafficking methylamphetamines between July and September that year, along with contravening a police direction and possession of cannabis on September 8.

The case will return to court today where a sentence date is expected to be set.

The Stasiaks' matters were also both mentioned today, with both cases facing further delays.

Wieslaw Stasiak's solicitor Ken Cuthbertson told the court he was expecting his client to plead guilty when called on, but the 69-year-old entered a not guilty plea, forcing Mr Cuthbertson to withdraw as his lawyer.

The court heard Mr Stasiak's alleged trafficking period was February 2016 to September 2017.

Mr Stasiak, who appeared in court on video link from Lotus Glen Correctional Centre, told the court he needed a Polish interpreter and wanted a new lawyer with Justice Jim Henry adjourning the case for several weeks and urging him to find another legal representative.

"It will be necessary for you to contact the Legal Aid office to see if they will fund another lawyer," Justice Henry said.

"What I can't live with much longer is this case drifting around the legal justice system for a long time.

"I've been trying to (get it finalised) for the best part of a year."

Bryan Stasiak, 38, also appeared in court via video from Woodford Correctional Centre near Brisbane.

The court heard he had also recently switched lawyers.

His current representative, solicitor Andrew Owens, said he and the barrister had only taken over the case earlier this month and needed more time to prepare, including checking with Bryan Stasiak how he wanted to plead.

But he said "at worst" it would be a contested facts (hearing) as opposed to trial".

Both the Stasiaks' matters were adjourned until March 2.