More assistance is on its way into town.
More assistance is on its way into town. Matthew Purcell

'Morale remains good': Station officer

MORALE remains positive among fire fighters, now into their fourth day of action on the ground.

John Burroughs, who is running the temporary set up over on Mackenzie St, said it has been a testing few days but they're getting through.

The Mackenzie St station offers all emergency services a place to have a break and get fed.

"We're in the middle of sending out 84 meals to different sectors who are operating,” Mr Burroughs said.

"Our Ambulance Service will deliver them out and do a welfare check while feeding them as well.

"Everyone is a bit worn out but morale remains good.”

Fire fighters across the state have been brought into to help contain the blazes, with some from as far away as Far North Queensland.

"It has been a bit of a culture shock with the five degrees over night. Not what they're used to in far north Queensland and Townsville and what not.

"You might see them walking around with balaclavas and beanies on. Not as acclimatised as the normal crew.

"At this stage we believe it'll be at least another three days we'll be here,” he said.

On site the Salvation Army are working to feed crews.

"We arrived here yesterday afternoon and have done dinner last night and then breakfast, lunch again today,” Elsa Stibbe from the Salvation Army said.

The crew are made up of volunteers out of Kalbar on the Scenic Rim.

"These guys have been fantastic - all of our emergency guys are remarkable.

"They're tired. They didn't have a good sleep last night - slept a bit rough and were cold.

"But they've all been very thankful of what we're doing to help.”

It's the sixth deployment the Salvos crew has done this year, from Katherine to Townsville.

"You're worn out when you're finished, but a good worn out because we are doing our bit to help and that's what you should do,” she said.