EXPAND: Blake Ernst, Jackie Barron and Ebony Ernst.
EXPAND: Blake Ernst, Jackie Barron and Ebony Ernst.

Mum expands diabetes community

A MUM of two who wants to expand the Type 1 diabetes community closer to home is organising a get together, where people who suffer from the disease can support each other.

Jackie Barron’s two children, 12-year-old Ebony and eight-year-old Blake both live with the disease and said there isn’t many services available in Stanthorpe.

“Everything is through Toowoomba. I want to bring something here, so people don’t have to travel as far and we don’t feel as isolated out here,” Ms Barron said.

The auto-immune disease is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no insulin.

“The pancreas just stops making insulin, so you have to go on injections of insulin multiple times a day or alternately the pump which pumps insulin into you.

Ms Barron doesn’t suffer from the disease herself but said it’s a full-time job having two children that do.

“Constantly checking levels, making sure their sugars aren’t too high and making sure their sugars aren’t too low.

Mrs Barron said there is no cure for the disease until researchers come up with a ‘miracle cure’.

“That’s the hardest thing, there is a lot of stigma with diabetes.

“A lot of people saying eat this or that.

“With Type 1 lollies are our lifesaver not our killer.”

She said her goal is to have an informal get together once or twice a month to bring people living with Type 1 diabetes in Stanthorpe together.

The first get together will be held in Weroona Park on Thursday February 27 from 3:30pm.

RSVP to Jackie on 0411 339 632.