National park grazing to be shut down by end of year

THE Queensland Government will not extend emergency grazing measures in national parks beyond the end of this year.

National Parks Minister Steve Dickson said in State Parliament on Tuesday the six-month temporary agistment permits for five national parks in north-west Queensland were provided as a crisis management tool in the wake of the former Federal Labor government's decision to shut down the live export trade in the face of worsening drought conditions.

"The Newman government provided a lifeline to graziers by allowing emergency access to these five parks, as well as more than 400,000 hectares of QPWS-managed land which will still be able to be utilised," Mr Dickson said.

"This was a common-sense solution which has been widely supported by the Australian people and organisations including the RSPCA, Animals Australia and AgForce.

"While it was only a small part of our government's ongoing response to the drought crisis, for the thirteen graziers who have been able to use the land it has been life-saving for their stock.

"We are now working closely with these graziers to ensure alternative arrangements are put into place over the next two months."

Mr Dickson said the State Government would continue to help drought-affected Queenslanders make it through the crisis, through a range of drought services including financial assistance, livestock nutrition and animal welfare information, and business-management strategies.

The grazing measures will end on December 31.