LAW CHANGE: Producers and heavy vehicle operators need to understand responsibilities.
LAW CHANGE: Producers and heavy vehicle operators need to understand responsibilities. Kirstin Payne

New laws brought in for truck drivers carting livestock

NEW chain of responsibility laws for Australia's heavy vehicle industry will have an effect on livestock producers right across Australia.  

The laws, which come into effect in mid 2018, mean every producer and vehicle operator will now need to understand their own responsibilities when it comes to carting livestock.

The laws will mean primary producers will need to ensure the following:

  • Avoid requests, instructions, requirements or demands that may influence the driver to speed or drive while fatigued - whether written in a contract or made verbally.
  • Ensure stock or loads are ready to load on time so that a driver is not unduly delayed and pressured to speed or exceed fatigue hours.
  • Ensure safe access, while on your property, for the heavy vehicles and advise drivers of any relevant local knowledge.
  • Ensure you consult with your transporter and other parties in the chain when setting time-frames for pick-up and delivery.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator's chain of responsibility manager, Kym Farquharson-Jones, has been travelling across Australia outlining the changes to many of the 165,000 businesses which make up the heavy vehicle supply chain.

"These changes are a significant step forward in recognising that everyone in the supply chain has a role to play in heavy vehicle safety," Mr Farquharson-Jones said.

"Primary producers also play an important role in supporting safe, reliable road transport to all road users, particularly heavy vehicles.

"Primary producers must be careful to use operators that provide safe and compliant transport activities. Consult your provider to ensure any safety risks are understood and steps are taken to mitigate those risks."

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