Water from tap flowing in a glass.
Water from tap flowing in a glass.

New reservoir flowing to Southern Downs residents

A new 150kl reservoir at Dalveen was brought online on Monday, supplying water to the water distribution system.

These work is spriuked as helping future-proof water supply for Dalveen.

Residents are warned water may taste unusual due to the implementation of the concrete facility.

Southern Downs Regional Council construction crews teamed up with specialist contractors teamed up for the project, building connecting pipework for the new reservoir to the existing water main.

The first 100kl of water was carted from Warwick to Dalveen and extensive tests have been carried out to ensure water quality.

The project, which was scheduled to be completed in April, received $300,000 in funding under the State Government's 2019-21 W4Q pprogram.