Planes fly over dropping water on fires in the Amiens and Applethorpe area.
Planes fly over dropping water on fires in the Amiens and Applethorpe area. Matthew Purcell

One evacuation centre to be closed today

THE evacuation centre at the YMCA Leslie Dam Camp will be closed during Sunday,

Southern Downs Regional Council Mayor Tracy Dobie said at one stage on Saturday there were three evacuation centres.

"We are in the process of closing the centre at Leslie Dam.” she said.

"People who can't get back to their homes will go to the evacuation centre at the Stanthorpe Fitness Centre.” Cr Dobie said.

She spoke of the wonderful volunteer work of people from Stanthorpe and Warwick areas.

"People have been bringing food to the evacuation centres,” Cr Dobie said.

While the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service has not issued any new information about the number and types of structures lost, Cr Dobie said there were sheds, garages, tanks and some residences lost.

"There isn't a word to describe the work of the firefighters, driving along the highway at Applethorpe, you can see the houses that have been saved,” she said,

Around 20 police from Brisbane, Toowoomba and Warwick helped out on Saturday evacuating residents, checking properties and with traffic control.

At 7am this morning, the QFES stated there was a watch and act warning for the bushfire in Stanthorpe/Applethorpe.

The warning stated conditions could get worse and for residents to follow their bushfire survival plan.

"If you do not have a plan, or intend to leave, you should be ready to leave the area because the situation could get worse quickly,” the statement said.

As at 7am Sunday, a dangerous fire continues to travel in a north, north easterly direction towards Applethorpe.

It is expected to impact properties on Ellwood Road, Kelly Road and Allen Lane, Applethorpe. The fire could have a significant impact on the community.

Fire crews remain on scene working towards containing the fire, with efforts focused along Ellwood Road, Kelly Road, Allen Lane and into the Broadwater State Forest.

Crews continue to conduct ongoing patrols to the west of the New England Highway, including at Plant Lane, McGrath Lane, Caves Road, Amiens Road and in the general areas around Happy Valley and Stanthorpe.