Police call for caution on our roads.
Police call for caution on our roads.

Police plead for ’common sense’ after highway smash

POLICE are urging drivers to take more care on the road after yet another highway smash earlier today.

Just before 5am this morning, a woman driving along the New England Highway lost control of her vehicle.

"Paramedics responded to a single-vehicle rollover on the New England Highway at 4.43am," a statement from Queensland Ambulance Service said.

"One female patient sustained minor injuries and was transported to Stanthorpe Hospital stable."

It was the fourth crash on the highway in little more than a week and a half.

A 21-year-old woman crashed into a tree at Applethorpe on November 19, then a 22-year-old NSW woman lost control of her vehicle between Bertram Ln and Ellwood Rd on November 23.

That was followed by a 24-year-old NSW man who crashed at Glen Aplin.

The lone driver had been attempting to drive from Sydney to Brisbane and back to Sydney again.

The driver fell asleep at the wheel.

Stanthorpe Acting Senior Sergeant Shane Gleeson said this morning's prang occurred when a backpacker lost control of her vehicle on the wet road heading to work.

"It's definitely the time of year people should be paying more attention on the road because of holiday traffic," Sergeant Gleeson said.

"Obviously there will start to be an increased police presence on the roads.

"We don't want to remember this as the season for fatal traffic incidents."

All, bar this morning's driver, were passers through.

Sergeant Gleeson said drivers need to be aware of fatigue.

"Unlike say the Pacific Highway which has got lots and lots of places where you're able to stop and recover, Stanthorpe only has the 24 hour McDonalds and then nothing until Armidale.

"If you're feeling tired hop out of the car, even for a few minutes," he said.