The Stanthorpe Piazza toilet block continues to be an issue of cleanliness.
The Stanthorpe Piazza toilet block continues to be an issue of cleanliness. File

Public toilets a filthy shame

FAECES on the ground and smeared across a cubicle, clogged toilets, no toilet paper, no soap, only growing anger.

That's the scene Scott Taylor was met with at the toilets near Stanthorpe Piazza at the weekend.

It's a filthy issue that continues to be a problem for tourists and businesses in the main street.

"I went into one (cubicle) because the other had no toilet paper and that's what I was greeted with,” Mr Taylor said

"It's not good enough, especially that spot where there's tourists.

"It needs to be done every day... or checked every day. They don't even have any handwash, there's no soap, no towels.

"We just got back from Japan and we did three weeks through the rural areas and it was always spotless that place.

"I'd hate to think what our backpackers think of our amenities here.”

Mr Taylor said he contacted Southern Downs Councillor Neil Meiklejohn to voice his disgust.

"He came back pretty quickly actually and said he'd report it.

"I was just fed up. If I was a business owner in the area I'd be furious,” he said.

Lucille Jensen from nearby business Pink Poppies said she'd complained many times but it fell on deaf ears.

"They've gone from cleaning them seven days a week to just two, I think.

"It's cost cutting.

"One of the biggest complaints we hear is there's no soap. It wouldn't be an onerous thing to provide.

"Things still haven't improved.”

But according to the council, the toilets are cleaned daily.

"Council has received few complaints about the facilities at the Piazza,” a representative said.

"The public toilets there are cleaned daily, which is an increase in frequency on previous years.”

To report public toilets in poor condition, use the MY SDRC app or phone 1300697372.