Storms are expected in the Granite Belt today.
Storms are expected in the Granite Belt today.

Rain, hail or shine: Severe storms predicted

GRANITE Belt residents may want to cover up their vehicles with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting severe storms today.

Damaging winds, rainfall and a chance of hail is pushing our way according to BoM forecaster Shane Kennedy.

"Today is probably the best chance of more rain in the short term," Mr Kennedy said.

"Looking at a high chance ... a 65 per cent chance of rain.

"In the afternoon we could see a severe storm moving into the Darling Downs.

"On the Granite Belt there's a chance of damaging winds, heavy rainfall and perhaps even some hail."

Mr Kennedy said between 5-15mm is predicted, but we could get upwards of 30mm.

From January 1 until today Stanthorpe has recorded 266mm according to BoM stats.

Areas surrounding town have copped a little more. There's been 297mm fall at Girraween and 299mm at Dalveen.

That's substantially more than the 181mm January-February average already.

Close to 50mm has fallen on Stanthorpe since last Wednesday.

A surface trough pushing from west to the east is likely to bring rain and thunderstorms over the next few days.

More rain is predicted for Thursday, while "more modest totals" could fall over the weekend.

"Somewhere between 1-5mm but the area could see up to 15-20mm over the weekend," Mr Kennedy said.

Temperatures are set to fall 3-4 degrees below the average from Friday to Sunday.