OVERJOYED: James Lister with wife Belinda at the Warwick LNP office last night.
OVERJOYED: James Lister with wife Belinda at the Warwick LNP office last night.

RE-ELECTED: James Lister retains Southern Downs seat

SOUTHERN Downs residents have voted and their thoughts have been heard, with LNP member James Lister set to return to the role.

The Queensland Electoral Commission has counted over 79 percent of the final votes, with Mr Lister securing 51.89 percent of those.

Labor candidate Joel Richters came in behind with 26.43 percent, followed by One Nation's Rosemary Moulden (9.84 percent) and Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party's Malcolm Richardson (4.19 percent).

Mr Lister said he was feeling "really happy" with what he predicted would be a 13 percent swing to him.

"It's hard to say what was behind the 13 percent swing. I hope it's because I've worked hard earned people's trust and support for three years," he said.

"I've worked hard to be my own man and stand up for the little people and refused to be intimidated.

"Now I need to keep working to justify the faith people are putting in."

Stepping into the role for a second term, Mr Lister said his passion for the job remained strong.

"I love the job. It's a privilege to get to travel all over the electorate and have a yarn somewhere," he said.

"Serving all of these great communities is just a joy and gives me an opportunity to put my skills and attitude to the best use for the community."

Mr Lister also voiced his dismay in the LNP's failure to win a majority government.

"There was a number of things around the place, the steam train funding and the cross border commissioner, and I am disappointed LNP won't be in government to provide those things but I will say my focus as a Southern Downs member is here and I will do my best to work with whoever is in government," he said.

Mr Lister also gave a big thanks to LNP volunteers who helped with the campaign, his opponents for a "a convivial and fair dinkum race" and wife Belinda.

"Belinda has been a Trojan for the past three years and she has done so much behind the scenes to help the community. I am so grateful for her love and support," he said.

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