ABC radio host Red Symons has this morning apologised for a controversial podcast where he asked if Asians were yellow.

In a bizarre podcast last week the veteran broadcaster asked his guest Beverley Wang a succession of offensive questions about her race including: "What's the deal with Asians" and "Are you yellow?"

The 20-minute podcast was posted on the ABC Radio website, but later deleted.

Apologises for racist podcast.
Apologises for racist podcast.

At the start of his breakfast show this morning, Symons said he was sorry.

"I came across as racist and I was wrong in the way I conducted the interview," he said.

"I offer my sincerest apologies. We need to talk about these issues, but be careful we consider them."

The ABC last week apologised for airing the controversial interview with Canadian Wang, who has Taiwanese heritage and was promoting her new podcast 'It's not a Race'.

Symons said this morning the plan had been for the interview to be a serious discussion about race and culture.


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