COMING SOON: Stanthorpe Target Country will be a distant memory in the coming months.
COMING SOON: Stanthorpe Target Country will be a distant memory in the coming months.

REVEALED: The future of Stanthorpe’s Target Country

AUSSIE shoppers have been rocked by the announcement that up to 167 Target stores across the country could close within 12 months.

The company has confirmed that the beloved Stanthorpe store will be converted into a Kmart hub in early 2021.

Stores in Warwick, Dalby, Roma and Chinchilla will also be converted, while the Beaudesert store is set to close its doors permanently.

There has been a mixed response from Stanthorpe residents, both excited and concerned.

Carol Power sees the store 'perfectly adequate' for young families and mothers, however damaging to the region's small businesses.

"I think it is going to be a great thing for a lot of mothers, but it is going to annihilate small businesses," Ms Power said.

"It will definitely have an impact on the clothing businesses," she said.

James Massey echoed Ms Power, saying it would definitely have an impact on the town.

"As long as the staff have a job it doesn't bother me which store is there," Mr Massey said.

"But I can imagine it is going to detract and take away from the clothing businesses in the town."

Barbara Marsden said while it would be sad to lose the region's beloved Target Country Store, she was excited to see what Kmart could bring to the region.

"I have to drive all the way to Toowoomba to use the Kmart there so I am looking forward to having one here in our little town."

In a note to investors, released on May 22, parent company Wesfarmers revealed that up to 75 Target stores and Target Country stores could permanently shut, while up to 92 Target stores and Target Country stores could be converted into Kmart branches.

Wesfarmers, which owns both Target and Kmart, confirmed the drastic restructure would take place within 12 months, although most action would occur in 2021.

A message from Target to customers said "we understand these closures will affect a lot of people in the Target community and we appreciate your patience and understanding during these challenging times".

"We are committed to providing every opportunity for redeployment for our team members who will be affected by these changes."

"We are proud to have a rich history as an Australian company and we are committed to serving you, our valued customers, now and into the future. We have many Target stores which remain unaffected by today's announcement and you can continue to shop with us online with the same ease and convenience."