Sam Thaiday stars in Broncos’ carpool karaoke

SAM Thaiday makes people laugh.

The Broncos star may not be whole-heartedly adored south of the Queensland border, but even the staunchest NSW fan can attest to the fact that it is just so damn hard not to love the rotund star.

His latest offering is a video of himself and teammates Korbin Sims, Kodi Nikorima and driver Tevita Pangai Jnr belting out one of the all-time great Celine Dion lip sync performances while driving.

Thaiday - as you would expect - is the star of the show, and explains why he later posted the video on his Instagram page.

The second-rower is a born entertainer, so much so that his off-field performances are beginning to rival his on-field efforts for the Broncos.

Avert your eyes.
Avert your eyes. News Corp Australia

Thaiday showed that rare type of impressive commitment that only a songbird like Celine Dion can demand.

Equally as impressive was the 31-year-old's knowledge of the lyrics to Dion's 1996 classic It's all coming back to me now.

His performance was mighty - even getting his disinterested teammates into the mood by the end - watch Sims' slowly step up to the role of Thaiday's karaoke corporal.

There's not a lot left to say about it, really, other than thanks Sam for another beauty.

Needless to say, the NRL Twittersphere was mightily impressed at Thaiday's ditty.

Yep the world has shifted on its axis. Do we know have to like Thaiday even during Origin?

......nah let's not get carried away but WOW

- The Oh Errol Girls (@oherrol) April 29, 2017

It's unlikely grouchy Brisbane coach Wayne Bennett will feature in Thaiday's next lip sync, but there's always hope, right?